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At the comfort of your own home, you can arrange an online consultation about your injury, regardless of how severe it may be. Whilst we are based in Cardiff, the practicality of a virtual consultation means we can reach to all patients across the UK. You can benefit from;

-Injury advice (acute or chronic)

-Pain management

-Musculoskeletal assessment}

-Injury prevention

-Postural correction

-Exercise prescription and rehabilitation

-Return to activity & sport

You can expect to discuss your injury with a knowledgeable and
experienced practitioner. You’ll be guided through a subjective assessment, where you’ll discuss your injury with us. Then, your therapist will take you through simplistic movements to see when and where your discomfort arises.

Once we have an impression of your condition, you’ll be given specialised recommendations including; home advice, stretching, strengthening and corrective exercise. This guidance is based on what’s been shown to work for improvements in pain reduction, strength and flexibility.

Is an online consultation for me?

You will be surprised to see how much benefit you can achieve with an online consultation. Whilst this will mean that we won’t see you in person, we’re certain that you will find this just as valuable whether you have acute or chronic pain. An online consultation can include; an impression of your diagnosis, postural correction, injury advice, injury prevention and rehabilitation exercises. Don’t forget that an online consultation comes at a lowered price too, and is also ideal for those with limited mobility, or are cautious to book an in-person appointment.
*Note that you can expect an online consultation to last around 30-40 minutes.

Should I bring my X-ray/ MRI results to my consultation?

Yes, the more information that you can provide us the better. This may
include notes or analysis from other practitioners. To many, these reports and images may be difficult to understand to the untrained eye, but at Motion Aspire Injury Clinics we will be able to simplify these findings for you in an understandable manner.

What should I wear to my consultation?

We recommend that you wear clothes that you are comfortable in. We take a holistic approach to your care, and therefore it is likely your practitioner will observe your injury with a ‘global’ perspective, rather than just your injured area. Therefore, for lower body and back pain, it’s advised that you bring a pair of shorts so that a thorough assessment can take place, whilst making you feel at ease.

How much is an online consultation?

We charge online consultations at the rate of £30 per session.

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