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Injury Advice

The expert advice given throughout your consultation is an important part of your progress. Once we’ve gathered the necessary information from you during your visit, we can offer your tailored advice for a range of conditions. Our guidance ranges from; acute injury management, prescribed exercises, modification of activity, postural improvement, return to activity and many more.

Injury advice is an important part of your appointment, as it often reflects the rate of your return to optimal function. Often, your practitioner will only be able to see you for a short period within the week, but the steps that you take outside of your appointments can speed your recovery. If you have any queries relating to your home case advice, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Exercise Prescription

The exercises that we prescribe during an appointment are specially catered to your injury needs, and goals for recovery. During your consultation, you will have a conversation regarding your daily activity levels and function, allowing us to select exercises which have you back to your best, regardless of stage and type of injury.

Whilst our appointments provide useful insight into your own injury and lead you on the right path, your compliance with the rehabilitation exercises are important for your recovery. It has been proven that the more patients keep to their exercises outside of appointment times, and follow therapist advice, the sooner and better their recovery from pain and dysfunction.

Injury Prevention

Prevention of injury means different things to different people, depending largely upon their condition and goals. For some, this may be preventing injury in a new gym based environment, or trying a new sport. For athletes, this can include prevention of re-injury when returning to competition. Injury prevention methods have been shown to improve function, and increase mobility for those who are less active. Many patients also seek our guidance for maintenance sessions, where we keep you on the right track for your own version of optimal performance.

Regardless of your needs, at Motion Aspire Injury Clinics we will happily guide you on your mission to becoming injury free and at your best.

Assessment & Diagnosis

At Motion Aspire Injury Clinics, we have specialist knowledge in the assessment and diagnosis of injury. This is an important step in your appointment, as identifying the relevant structures involved in your injury allows us to cater your treatment, rehabilitation and advice to your specific goals.

Sometimes, you may have already been assessed by other practitioners or even have your own x-ray and MRI scans. If this is the case, we ask that you bring this information with you, before we conduct our own injury assessment. If you have any queries relating to your diagnosis, do not hesitate to contact us.

Postural Correction

Posture is the position someone adopts while standing or sitting. Given the office-based nature of many people’s jobs, it is common to continue a slumped position across other parts of our lives. Additionally, our increased use of devices such as phones and laptops outside of the workplace has caused many of us to adopt a hunched position. Posture isn’t limited to static position, however the misalignment that we attain from stillness, leads to poor movement too.

Poor posture and gait cycle can lead to many complications in the short or long term. In turn, it is not uncommon to experience pain and discomfort, muscular imbalance, misalignment and weakness.

A thorough postural and biomechanical analysis is a vital part of your appointment. This will comprise of questions from your therapist, to a physical observation. Identifying these factors often provides us with an increased understanding to your injury and related causes.

Still have questions?

If you still have queries, you can visit our FAQ’s page, for the most regularly asked questions about appointments.

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