Here are some of the most common questions that we’re asked. However, if you still have further queries then get in touch via the contact page.
How long will each session take?

You can expect your first appointment with us to last up to one hour. This allows your therapist sufficient time to assess your condition. Within this time, your practitioner will; communicate with you regarding your injury and goals, conduct a physical assessment, often with time still remaining to treat you.

Follow up sessions with us typically last between 45-60 minutes. This allows us time to monitor your progress, and provide further treatment and advice on your road to recovery.
*Note that you can expect an online consultation to last around 30-40 minutes.

Is an online consultation still beneficial for my injury?

You will be surprised to see how much benefit you can achieve with an online consultation. Whilst this means we won’t see you in person, we’re certain that you will find this just as valuable whether you have acute or chronic pain. An online consultation can include; an impression or diagnosis, postural correction, injury advice, injury prevention and rehabilitation exercises. Don’t forget that an online consultation comes at a lowered price too, and is also ideal for those with limited mobility, are home bound, or apprehensive about a physical appointment.

What should I wear to my appointment?

We recommend that you wear clothes that you are comfortable in. We take a holistic approach to your care, and therefore it is likely your practitioner will observe your injury with a ‘global’ perspective, rather than just your injured area. Therefore, for lower body and back pain, it’s advised that you bring a pair of shorts so that a thorough assessment can take place, whilst making you feel at ease.

Which injuries and conditions do you treat?

Your practitioner is trained to assess, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate musculoskeletal injury. Commonly, you can expect your therapist to ease; pain & discomfort, restricted movement, weakness, function and performance. You can see more about our treatments and services here.

Should I bring my copy of X-ray/MRI results to my consultation?

Yes, the more information that you can provide us the better. This may include notes or analysis from other practitioners. These reports and images can be difficult to understand to the untrained eye, but at Motion Aspire Injury Clinics we will be able to simplify these findings for you so they’re understandable.  

When will I start to notice a benefit?

At Motion Aspire Injury Clinics, we appreciate that everybody heals at different rates. Whilst some may need to be a little more patient than others, we will be able to monitor your progress, and guide you with our expert knowledge and experience. Your practitioner will ask you about your goals during your consultation, which is a perfect time to have this conversation.

Can I bring somebody with me to my appointment?

Yes, of course. We are more than happy to accept chaperones for in-person appointments.

I’m concerned about COVID-19, do you offer online consultations?

Yes! We are currently running online consultations on a Saturday, 9:00-13:30.

What are your opening hours?

We are currently offering appointments Saturdays 9:00-13:30 . We also offer online consultations at these times, subject to availability.

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